At a high level, our development team has smashed numerous bugs, refined calculations of specific connection designs, made slight improvements to the user interface (UI), and reorganized the report design.

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Detailed List of the Specific Updates: 

User Interface (UI)

  • Double angle bracing, brace to gusset weld cannot be changed.
  • In the beam to HSS column, double angle connection, the OSL weld size cannot be changed.
  • In a single plate connection, the bolt rows are not able to be increased when there is a beam on the left side
  • The bolt distance to the horizontal edge of a single plate connection cannot be changed by the user
  • Welded-Welded Clip Angle Connection Length cannot be changed

Calculations / Design

  • Flange plate width is Incorrect in calculating local yielding due to uneven load distribution
  • Calculation for bam web crippling is not correct
  • The weld reduction factor is not correct for a beam-to-column end plate connection
  • Calculation of the net plastic section modulus, Znet, is not correct
  • Plate net section modulus value is not correct
  • Incorrect gusset plate thickness is used in the design and report
  • The eccentricity value of a gusset to column single plate is not correct in the report and design
  • Eccentricity value of the bending check in a single angle (beam-to-beam web) is not correct
  • The calculations of shear yield for beam web connection may not be correct
  • The block shear calculation of a double-angle brace is not correct
  • The bearing calculations for a gusset with double angle brace are not correct
  • The check forces in the flange plate (moment connection) are not correct
  • The check force for concentrate forces in the beam to HSS column moment connection is not correct
  • The calculations of HSS column sidewall local crippling are not correct
  • Whitmore width calculations are not correct
  • The moment flange plate width is not correct when there is a user input bolt transverse edge distance
  • Design the correct HSS brace to gusset weld length
  • Block shear calculations are not correct for a single plate connection under an axial load
  • The tributary length is not correct for an end plate connection
  • Tension rupture calculation for the bottom moment flange plate (splice beam) is not correct
  • Tension rupture calculation for the bottom moment flange plate (beam to HSS column) is not correct


  • For a beam-to-girder moment connection, the bottom plate to support the weld is not applicable as there is no welding of the plate
  • The base plate grade is not correctly printed in the report
  • Gusset bolt edge distance in the report is not consistent with the input value
  • “Fv” could be “FS” for beam web crippling in the report
  • Edge distance for SSLN type bolt may not be correct in the report
  • Beam material type is not correct
  • Equation of bolt nominal tension strength is not correct
  • The result is missing for the single plate rupture check
  • Beam web bearing calculation is not correct
  • Beam Lh (distance from hole to beam end) should be checked in the report
  • Calculations of the block shear of the gusset at the brace could be improved
  • Axial load for a beam web connection is not correct in the report
  • Edge distance check-in gusset to column clip angle may not be correct
  • The oversize hole diameter is not correct for 1 inch bolt
  • Transverse bolt spacing of a channel brace is not correct in the report
  • Print Bp/B calculation when the HSS column needs to check sidewalls local yielding/crippling for AISC 13th/14th
  • Print HSS column tension/compression loads

Report Reorganize

  • For the report about the single plate, the check of “Check Shear Yielding, Buckling, and Yielding due to Flexure” would be in its own section
  • In the report, for a shear plate with a stability plate, it may use “Available strength to resist lateral displacement ” instead of “Lateral-Torsional Buckling Strength of Plate”
  • Shear plate in the beam web would have its own section
  • Bolt Bearing on the plate would have its own section
  • Better descriptions of capacity lines about single plate gross/net shear
  • The weld strength check would be printed with other checks for the shear plate
  • “Bending of Angle Support Side Leg” would have its own section
  • “Allowable Shear Strength Based on Bending of the Plate” would be located under the “Allowable Shear Strength of the Plate” section
  • The check of flange plate concentrate forces would have its own sections in a moment connection to an HSS column

What’s next for Descon Plus? 

We’re working on a big update for a Q2 release in 2023 that will include the AISC Steel Code 15th Edition updates.

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