2D and 3D view

Customize all four dynamically modified 2D views and visualize complex connections with a 360°​ 3D view.​

Efficiency & Speed

Create working designs with your
default preferences in just a few clicks.

Responsive Results

Graphics and report views update instantly with data inputs, allowing you to quickly optimize designs.

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What You Need

Whether you work with structural connections constantly or just once in a while, Descon is a comprehensive tool that is used with each stage of the connection design process. 30 years of user input has directly guided our development team. That’s not going to change. View our features page to see everything Descon has to offer.

When You Need It

Descon is available in a variety of packages, allowing your schedule to call the shots. We have month-to-month plans called “Flex” that give the ability to adjust users and software levels by month. We also offer Annual Maintenance Plans (AMP) that give access year after year while keeping your software current. Visit our pricing page for more details.

Allowing Time

Descon creates a report while you work, updating as you input or change any data, so you can focus on the design.With Descon, a working clip angle shear connection to a column flange is ready in as few as 5 clicks. That’s less than a minute. Save time; stay accurate; use Descon.

To Do More

Beyond powerful software, Descon is a community. Users from around the world and our developers work together in support of industry progress. Our monthly email offers a way to share your distinct perspective and learn from others who work with structural steel connections.

From the people who've used Descon

Descon Brace has greatly aided in the design of our connections. The interface is easy to use and the customizability of the connections is supreme. The reporting portion is easy to follow and presentable for a calculation submission. Descon Brace provides great value and should be in every structural engineers software library.

Mark Gardner, P.E., Director of Engineering | bmk Engineering, Inc.

From the people who've used Descon

We have been using DesconWin and DesconBrace for about 8 years. It is very powerful but our main benefit has been speed. We are a design-build firm so we do estimates with a preliminary structure design. We used to estimate 10% of the total weight for connection material. But with Descon software, we can do preliminary connection design so fast that we get a better estimate. More than once we won the bid because we could estimate 7% of the total weight for connections instead of 10%. That little difference has been a key factor for being more competitive and winning more bids, mainly after the 2008 crisis that tightened all budgets.

Hector Ochoa

From the people who've used Descon

The calculations were accepted without comment by the connections engineer and the designers.

Ron Yeager | Steel-Art, Inc.

From the people who've used Descon

Investment on the software provides good return on investment when factoring in countless hours of review time on other methods. … (My Annual Maintenance Plan) provides quick responses to our design questions on projects with fast track schedules and on time commitments.

Eugene Ninnie | CTE-VBMIS Group

From the people who've used Descon

I used the DesconPlus Win and DesconPlus Brace for a recent FAA project. The generated written report was very easy to follow (and explain to others) and the generated dxf was a great tool between engineer and detailers.

Rick Koehler

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