Terms and Conditions

Fees for the selected license plan are charged in accordance with the pricing made available by Descon Plus. Payment is accepted through credit card, check, or bank transfer. Payment by bank transfer may include additional transaction fees. The customer agrees to pay all fees in advance. Descon Plus reserves the right to cancel the license due to any fees that are not paid. Licenses cannot be returned once registered to a computer. Partially renewing a license by only renewing some of the total number of Seats is considered to be terminating the not-renewed Seats from the license. Returning to the original number of Seats at a later time may require pricing as new Seats. Licenses that are renewed late may be given a new renewal date along with an updated renewal fee that would start from the license expiration until the new renewal date, or would list pricing as a new Seat, whichever is less.
License information will be sent by email during Descon Plus’s business hours once all payment and license information from the customer has been received. All licenses are licensed to the customer’s company. Any change to the company name as it appears on the license requires official documentation and may include license transfer fees. By purchasing a Descon software license, the customer is confirming that they are an approved representative of their company and have been authorized to purchase the license on behalf of their company. All license Seats on the company license must be running the same software level and payment plan. Each person that will be accessing Descon software counts as a user for the license and must be registered as a user on the license before opening the software. The available license plans may or may not allow Seats to be shared between multiple users, as specified with the pricing made available by Descon Plus. Upon Descon Plus’s written request, the customer shall provide to Descon Plus a signed certification verifying the software is being used in accordance with the company license. All other license terms are contained in the End User License Agreement which is agreed to before installing the software.

Privacy Policy

Desconplus.com collects information that is entered by the customer as contact, billing and license information. This information is treated with respect and is not sold or rented to others. Payment information is secured using the services of industry-leading tools. Descon Plus secures license and contact information in the event of a potential new contact at a company requesting information regarding their company’s existing license, by making every effort to directly contact the registered users for the license. If contact is not possible, verification of being an approved representative of the company is required of the new contact. The information collected by desconplus.com is used to contact the customer regarding Descon software, and to allow the customer to work with Descon software. Information may be sent regarding software updates and other promotional information regarding the software that Descon Plus understands may be of interest to the customer. Customers can opt out of receiving emails from Descon Plus by unsubscribing on any promotional email, or sending a written unsubscribe request to [email protected].