Descon 8 now includes Seismic design in beta.

Seismic is based on the Seismic Design Manual (2006/2012/2018), ANSI/AISC: Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings (341-05, 341-10, 341-16) and ANSI/AISC: Prequalified Connections for Special and Intermediate Steel Moment Frames for Seismic Applications (358-05, 358-10, 358-16).

Also in this version:

  • Updated gusset plate Whitmore width calculations
  • Updated gusset plate K factor
  • Fixed problems with unbraced length of brace connections
  • Consider moment introduced by axial force in moment end plate connections
  • Fixed issues with bending strength of column flange in moment end plate connection
  • Fixed Issues with longitudinal/transverse edge distance in bolted angle brace
  • Fixed weld size issues in a brace-to-column base plate connection
  • Fixed issues with brace splice plate width calculations
  • Fixed issues when column flange bending calculations may not be correct
  • Fixed issues about bolt bearing calculation in a beam splice connection with axial force
  • Fixed issues when moment flange plate forces may not be correct
  • Fixed issues with weld capacity calculation in beam to HSS column moment connection Fix issues with single plate bolt bearing calculation with LSLN bolt

To get these updates, click ”Approve” when opening the software next and prompted to update.
If there isn’t a prompt, click on the Support tab, then Update to check for updates. 

If your Descon license has expired, contact us about renewing that.